LOGO_MALLORCA_BATTERIESMALLORCA BATTERIES contributes to helping the environment, being a collection point for all used batteries, no matter what the technology or brand they are. Recycling is extremely important for the sustainability of the environment. 

This recycling is an activity whose objective is to reduce the number of batteries that are discarded as solid urban waste. Batteries contain various heavy metals and toxic chemicals, whose disposal has been a cause of concern because of the risks of contamination to soil and water.

When they come to the end of their useful life, if we throw them out with the rubbish, they will reach landfills where the highly toxic materials used in batteries can be released into the water table. The non-recycling of batteries in a landfill site, can harm the enviroment in many ways assisted by rain or when the rubbish is burnt. The batteries will produce fluid which will leach into the ground or if burnt with other household waste will enter the air as toxic fumes.

Some of the products that make up lead-acid batteries can be recycled. However, the main components, lead and sulfuric acid are very dangerous if they are not properly managed and must be recycled in a way that is not dangerous to the environment (legal penalties for improper disposal may be important).